National Infertility Awareness Week

Today I pay tribute to National Infertility Awareness Week (April 22-28, 2018). It is very simple for me to think of our struggles with infertility as LONG AGO, IN THE PAST, NEARLY FORGOTTEN.  But infertility will always be a part of our story. One in eight couples will be affected by infertility in some way!… Continue reading National Infertility Awareness Week

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New Year’s Blessings From My Couch

What. A. Year! It is New Year’s Eve.  I am parked firmly on my couch, which is where I intend to stay until 1.) a child calls for my attention (which will likely be within the next 3 1/2 minutes) or 2.) 8pm hits and I crawl into my bed.  It is New Year’s Eve.… Continue reading New Year’s Blessings From My Couch