National Infertility Awareness Week

Today I pay tribute to National Infertility Awareness Week (April 22-28, 2018).

It is very simple for me to think of our struggles with infertility as LONG AGO, IN THE PAST, NEARLY FORGOTTEN.  But infertility will always be a part of our story.

One in eight couples will be affected by infertility in some way! ONE in EIGHT! Infertility does not discriminate.  It can affect any race, any gender, any age, any sexuality, any religion.  Many myths and misconceptions surround the world of infertility.  There are enormous barriers to infertility including insurance coverage, high cost, faith/religion and federal and state laws.

Every person’s story of infertility is unique.  And every person’s outcome is just as unique.  Read our story HERE.

We are survivors of the BEAST that is infertility.  Our marriage is stronger.  Our family is tied together with a unique thread that brought us to perfection.  Our family, to us, is perfect.  Infertility has taught us to see things in a very different way.  It has taught us the importance of love and family versus material things.  It has taught us to be grateful in a way we never once were.  It has taught us to never be naive. And it has taught us to believe in miracles, in HOPE, in better days.  “Setbacks pave the way for comebacks” is a quote I will always hold dear in my heart. (read HERE for more about that!)

Infertility showed us nearly all of its demons including male factor infertility, female factor infertility, surprises and multiple miscarriages. We treaded through massive costs, anxiety and moments of defeat. But we also witnessed the power of medicine in moments of awe.  We walked through the incredible gift of egg donors.  We learned how to survive in the lowest lows and assemble a marriage held together with the strongest glue possible.  Infertility crept us into the world of adoption.  We are blessed.  So, so very blessed.

Because of infertility, we are who we are. The Fitzgerald SIX is exactly as we were meant to be.  I can say without a moment of hesitation, that infertility, to us,  has been an epiphany.

But DO NOT get me wrong.  we had many moments in which we could not understand.  We felt pity and anger. We felt low…so very low.  Infertility is not easy. And I do not for one moment lead anyone to believe this.

During this important week, though, I can offer HOPE.  There is a PLAN.  A PLAN that one going through infertility can not understand or see even at a distance.  But there is a PLAN for all.  Adoption, egg donors, intense medical procedures may not be in that plan, like it was in ours.  But there is a PLAN that is higher than we can imagine.

Today, I ask you to think of all of the ONE in EIGHT.  Lets shower them with HOPE for their PLAN, for their FUTURE.

Learn more about National Infertility Awareness Week HERE.



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