It Was Never Random

“When it is all finished you will discover it was never random.” -Unknown

One year ago, on February 22, 2017 it was a midwinter day.  It was vacation week for the girls.  I was sitting in my kitchen, drinking a coffee and looking on my computer.  Shortly after 8:00AM I saw him!

It was an ordinary day.  The kids were playing.  We had been waiting to be matched through our adoption agency for many months at this point.  I looked at sites online often.  Mostly to learn more about adoption.  Occasionally I would see children being advocated for.  Children that were not yet matched to a family.

That day, though, i scrolled through a page.  And I saw a little boy.  A boy that is now my son.  One year ago I saw my son on a computer, online, in a picture.  That sounds pretty random, no?

The first picture we ever saw of AUGUST!

The following two weeks that passed would be anything but simple.  I started by sending an email to an adoption agency at 8:52AM.  We received more information and photos of this boy nicknamed “MICKEY” from the agency.  It took Mike and I only moments to know he was meant to be with us.

There was a lot to overcome to cross all of the hurdles we would face.  This boy was not with the agency we were using.  Complications came on fast and furiously.  But by this point, mere days from when we first committed ourselves to “MICKEY”, we were determined to bring him home.

We were in love with a boy we had never met.

For two weeks we had many moments of feat.  But we would not give up.  We made phone calls, we anxiously awaited calls and emails.  We advocated for ourselves and for “MICKEY”.  We prayed.  We waited.  We cried. We hoped.  We persisted. And two weeks later, we were officially matched with our son!

Two months later we would meet “MICKEY” who we learned was actually named “MinXian”.

Today, February 22, 2018!

A year later, here on this midwinter day, the kids are on school vacation.  They are playing and it seems like an ordinary day.  But here with us is August MinXian.  He is our son.

There is nothing random about how it came to be.  What happened on February 22. 2017 is exactly what was meant to happen.

It feels as though he has been with us forever.

He is a forever Fitzgerald.  He is well loved.

Oh!  And as promised in my last blog post, HE IS WALKING! Sleeping… not so much. But walking with fury!  I look back at photos and videos often, amazed at how much he has changed and the milestones he has met.   He surprises us daily with what he understands.  He is funny and cuddly.  He is mischievous and gets into things in an instant.  August is not talking much yet but understands all we say to him!  Anastasia talks to him in Mandarin a lot and he says Big sister and Big brother in Mandarin consistently!

He is walking!
August loves to build
Climbing is mastered!

August is very attached to us, which is likely why sleep is such a challenge.  This attachment is a blessing and we do not take it for granted even for a moment. He is so attached, in fact, that there are days in which I am certain he would crawl inside me if he could (testing my patience at times, particularly when I am making dinner…or at 2:00AM) But as attached to us as he is, he loves to spend time with his grandparents, cousins and other familiar people. Anastasia, Danika, and Callum adore him, tease him, annoy him and love him to pieces.  Like I said, he fits in just perfectly!

Random? Not a chance!




3 thoughts on “It Was Never Random

    1. i think little auggie is loved by just coming in contact with him. that infectious laugh has me laughing at the computer screen when i hear it on some of your posts. he is where he belongs


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