Wait…There is More!

Two days ago I wrote what I emotionally called my last post on FILLYOURHEART. And two days ago I was inundated with pleas to keep writing about August and his journey in our family. Many, many of you got in touch with me to express how much they enjoy the updates and want to keep reading. I was humbled.

So I will make a deal with you all! I am busy. And finding time to shower can even be a feat at times! But I enjoy writing and I enjoy the feedback I get from you!

I will update as often as I can and share more of August’s journey. It may not be as often as I have but in between school drop offs, sports, dinner, errands, chores and more I will sneak in some updates. In fact this small post is being written while I sit in the grass at soccer practice, boys playing, Danika kicking the ball and Mike and Ana elsewhere making their way home from school and work.

I ask, though, one favor. If you are not already, please sign up on this page (on the right hand side) to get email notifications when I post an update. The blog will soon not be posted to Facebook as our Facebook page was used merely for adoption purposes. So if you rely on FB for our updates you will soon no longer see them!

Lastly I thank you again. For listening to me all this time and for expressing such an interest in following along even more.

We are very blessed.



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