An Emotional Goodbye

This morning is officially our last morning of summer.  Mike is at work.  We have no plans for the day and are lazily enjoying our final moments together of SUMMER 2017! It has been a great summer together, yet one of the busiest I have ever had.  The quiet and lazy morning we are enjoying today has been very rare for the past few months.

I had a moment just now to scroll through my (over 5000!) photos on my phone.  I know it is due time for me to clear out my phone, but I haven’t yet been able to part with my China memories being so easily accessible.  I found myself reliving our month of May in Kunming and Guangzhou and tears immediately filled my eyes.

One of our first photos together with August. May 8, 2017

I will admit that the week of back to school always has me emotional.  I LOVE summers with my kiddos by my side.  And this summer, as busy as it was, leaves me feeling like I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as usual.  Yet, we still managed to make some wonderful memories! This fall, though, is filled with lots of “NEW” including a new school for Danika and the first day of PRESCHOOL for Callum! So, yes, emotions are high this week.

FullSizeRender-1 2

But, looking back at May 2017 will always and forever bring tears to my eyes.  Happy and amazing and wonderful tears along with nervous and sad and scared tears.  We have added the most amazing chapter to our story, Mike and I.  And our story is still going strong.

August recovered from his palate repair incredibly.  He was such a trooper.  Other than the first 24-48 hours which were quite rough, he bounced back with smiles and snuggles easily!  He remains on a modified diet of soft foods for a few more weeks, but is happily eating a variety of his familiar and new foods.

August has so much to say!  He is always vocalizing and uses so much expression in his voice.  As he learns how to use his new palate and adapt to his better hearing we anticipate to begin to see a leap in his language soon.


August understands so much that we say!  If we say words such as MORE, ALL DONE, BYE, MILK, I LOVE YOU, he will sign them for us right away.

August is no longer using a bottle and drinks from his sippy on his own.  He still loves to eat and has gained over 4 pounds since coming to us in May.

No more help from us!

August wants to move!  He gets onto his hands and knees but can’t quite figure out what to do from there!  He scoots and rolls ALL OVER and gets into EVERYTHING!  He has pulled to stand ONCE and I was not paying attention so didn’t even see it!!!  This little boy will be on the move soon and Callum better watch out because I think the first thing he plans to do is chase him down!!!

Trying to move!

August loves to snuggle, even among his curiosity.  He recognizes familiar family such as grandparents.  August looks for Mom and Dad and clearly knows we are “HIS”!  He loves to be with his sisters and brother (most of the time!).  Callum, in particular, can get August to laugh so loudly and contagiously, we can barely contain ourselves.

Being the BABY certainly has its consequences.

August still needs some help falling asleep.  But he is turning into a great sleeper.  Many nights he sleeps all night and even enjoys sleeping late!  If he does wake up, all he needs is a little snuggle and he usually can fall easily back to sleep.

As you can see, August is thriving as a FITZGERALD.  The coming months and years will have ups and downs as would for any child.  But the coming months and years are a blessing for Mike and I as we watch our perfect family grow and grow and grow!

I end this with an ENORMOUS “thank you” to all who have followed this chapter in our story.  I cannot predict with the future will bring or what will be next in our story.  But as we move along, one page at a time, we anticipate so very much.

Many, many people have commented how much they have enjoyed reading my blog over the past 17 months.  Many people have suggested I write a book! I doubt I can find time for that anytime in the very near future. But I will say that I have enjoyed, very much, putting my thoughts down in writing and placing a smile on even just one or two faces as you read my words.

I don’t anticipate adding much more to “FILL YOUR HEART”, and I expect that some of you will frown just a tad!  But remember our story is still going strong.  And the future is wide open!  So I end this, for now, with an emotional GOODBYE.

Thank you for your love, kindness and support throughout our journey to BABY CHINA!



3 thoughts on “An Emotional Goodbye

  1. thank you for your blog,i always looked forward to reading it many times your words brought tears to this persons for your photos in your phone,those may be deleted but they will always remain in your heart, and you can still watch the kiddos grow right in front of you. please tell ana dani and cal keep up the good work in school, I know they will.


  2. Lisa and Mike: I am honored to have had the opportunity to follow your incredible journey to “Baby China”. You are such an amazing and beautiful family with so many more wonderful adventures ahead of you. God Bless and love you all.


  3. Sorry to see this end but I know I’ll be privileged to follow your story in real time. Thanks for sharing your dreams and your daily reality and I can’t wait to see the rest of your story as it unfolds. Love each and everyone one if you.


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