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August’s First Day of August

The big surgery we have been anticipating is now behind us.  This was not August’s first surgery.  Nor was it his first time in the hospital.  But it WAS the first time August had “HIS PEOPLE”, his Mama and Dada, his family by his side.

The surgery went off without complications.  Several procedures were done simutaneously, with the repair of his cleft palate being the priority.  As anyone who has been through a surgery with their child knows, the waiting is hard, learning that everything went well is a relief and seeing your child in pain is heartbreaking.  Like having a sick child at home you cannot comfort, we have felt helpless much of the day.

Post op recovery was difficult for August and we spent the first day working hard to control his pain.  It was not easy to hold him, let alone snuggle him due to his pain, IV, and irritability.  But it was important that we stay by his side through everything to be sure he knew that we were there.  So by his side we stayed.  And the small looks to us of relief and comfort, once again, melted our enormous hearts.

Getting a little love before surgery.

We came across many wonderful people during our stay.  And many people asked about August and our journey to adopt our sweet boy.  Some that we met shared their stories of adoption, either their personal one or one of a family or friend.  One very wonderful doctor we met not only adopted his two children, but spent a lot of time in China and we spent a long time sharing stories, helping us through some difficult waiting post operatively.

How amazing to have this incredible bond with strangers.  A bond few can truly understand.

Many, many people commented on how baby AUGUST was here for surgery on the first day of AUGUST!  Staff were quite fascinated by this!

August is still in a lot of pain.  And we have several hurdles to overcome in the next several days.  But he is healthy and making steps to recovery.  We are glad to have this hurdle behind us.

And we are so very fortunate to have been able to hold Baby August’s hand, kiss Baby August’s check and love and protect Baby August throughout.

Resting comfortably for now
Trying to sleep while in Mama’s arms
August wants to play and in between fussy moments tries hard to have fun.
We haven’t seen much of Baby August’s smile…but a bit is peeking through here!




3 thoughts on “August’s First Day of August

  1. great pictures of could almost feel his pain. I hope he’s doing’s so sad to see littles ones in pain


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