Appointments and Arts & Crafts

We knew this summer would be BUSY BUSY BUSY!  And BUSY it has been!

Before we even left for China we had several medical appointments lined up.   After we came home, many more were scheduled or warranted.

Add in orthodontist appointments and regular check-ups for the other kiddos and I feel like my summer is moving at warp speed through a tunnel of doctor’s offices.

I won’t lie, I am feeling a good amount of “mom guilt” as I make my way through this BUSY summer.  I am used to lazy summer days outside, walks, crafts, gardening, birthday celebrations (ALL FOUR KIDS CELEBRATE SUMMER BIRTHDAYS!), picnics and more.  And we are doing all of those things this summer…just on a much smaller scale than we usually do.

Callum…all BOY! Puddles, trucks and undies!
Danika doing ARTS & CRAFTS in her new space! 

But the kids are happy.  The sun still shines.  And the moments we spend together doing all the “summery” things are appreciated just a little bit more this year.

Anyone that has met August already knows that he has a VERY easy going personality.  HE cries for only a few reasons…NUMBER ONE being he is hungry!  He will fuss when tired and when he is alone in a room for a moment or when he wants Mom or Dad.  Our transition to a family of 6 was easier than I would have imagined.  The three older kiddos continue to love him dearly and, quite honestly, spoil him to pieces.  The most difficult transition is my every-15-minute reminders to Callum to use “gentle hands” when playing with August!!!!!!

Luck, divine timing, being well-prepared? Who knows.  But we are well-settled.  We are happy.  We are a family.

Celebrating Danika’s Birthday at the zoo!
August is thoroughly enjoying the ZOO!

August’s most recent appointments were In Boston in preparation for his palate repair.  He was a trooper throughout an EXTREMELY long day filled with 6 separate appointments.  I would guess that I would have been annoyed with the fourth person weighing and measuring me…but not August.  The only time he decided he was DONE, was on our ride home (which wasn’t exactly fun for any of us!).

August and Mama at Boston Children’s 

We knew this summer would be busy.  And it is busy with lots of obligations.  But we take care to slow down when we can.  And embrace the tiny moments we have to take in all that summer 2017 has to offer us.

And watching a little boy, home only 2 months,  grow and learn and love will forever be an ASTOUNDING memory of summer 2017!!!!



One thought on “Appointments and Arts & Crafts

  1. great pictures hope you & mike enjoy the summer w/the kiddos. before long it will be back to school and you”ll have to rev up the little white bus


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