Becoming “Mama”! – A Birthday Surprise

Tomorrow our precious son, August MinXian turns one year old.  Literally, in the blink of an eye…he is one! We cannot express how excited, relieved and emotional we are to be able to celebrate this day with him in our arms.

This day, though, is not without sadness.  Ten months of our son’s life we were not a part of.  His birth story we will never know.  I cannot help but think of August’s Birth Mom on this very special day and wonder if she is thinking about him.  I cannot reminisce about how he entered the world, but I can celebrate this day and “perfect divine timing”, for without either we would not have our amazing boy.

I celebrate more than this, though! While many of the growth and gains we have seen in August over the past 2 months are clearly visible to all, one most important milestone is not quite as obvious.  Yet, it is one of the most significant yet!

August knows who his Mama is!


(Let me add that he absolutely knows who his Dada is, too, but I’ll keep my writing on a personal, MAMA level!).

August is a happy and easy going baby.  He is usually content as long as he is fed and around  people! As soon as we met him, he enjoyed being with others.  But whether or not the person with him was myself, Mike or any other adult made no difference.  He was happy to be held by anyone!

We worked hard at making sure August knew we were “his people”.  We were eager to spend time with our family and friends.  And right from the beginning our family and friends got to know him well (and quickly fell in love!). But we made sure to feed him, change him, put him to sleep…all the important things to begin to teach him that we were different than “just any adult”.  We had to build our relationship with him.

And about one week ago, for the first time while being held by another adult August reached and leaned for me to grab him.

And all last week, while at Grandma/Grandpa’s and Nana/Grandpa’s he wasn’t quite as content when I walked out of the room or when someone else picked him up.  With my other three kiddos, this typical developmental stage of “stranger anxiety”, although a sign of healthy development, wasn’t a celebrated milestone and possibly bordered on irritating at times! With August, it is so much different!

While it makes me crazy sad to see him cry when Nana or Grandma pick him up, I am CELEBRATING this milestone and the meaning behind it.  August knows that I AM HIS PERSON!  He knows that he has a MAMA.  He knows that I am HIS mama!

If that isn’t something to celebrate on this very important day, than I don’t know what is!


August helping us decorate for his American BIRTHDAY BASH!
Exhausted after a fun Fourth of July!

Happy FIRST Birthday August!  We have a LOT to celebrate!!!!!





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