Summer Summer Summer TIME!

Summer is here!

Summer is our favorite time of year.  I anticipate the beginning of summer vacation nearly as much as the kiddos do.  In the summer we play, we swim, we create, we read.  In the summer we have lots of family time.  We relish the LONG days, the early mornings, the warm weather.

Certainly, the kiddos drive me nuts and test my patience in the summer.  But I am so very grateful that I get to enjoy summer days with them while they are young.  And I will forever remember the wonderful memories we make each passing summer.

To kick off this summer I gave the girls a few papers with questions for them to answer; questions like “what would you like to learn to do this summer?”, “what is your biggest goal?” “ten things you want to do this summer” and “what do you think needs fixing in our world”.  We will not be able to accomplish all of what they reply, but I hope to let their answers inspire our days.


And this summer, August is here for the ride!  He is so very curious and loves to be outside and take everything in.  He loves walks (especially to Dunkin Donuts!). And he has spent long periods of time in his little pool playing and splashing.


We have been home with our little man for a month now.  We have learned so much about him,  And he continues to learn and grow every day before our eyes!

He has gained 2.11 pounds so far with us!  He is not a peanut anymore and it is a good thing he loves to be “worn” in the carrier because he is a heavy dude!!!  He continues to love and explore lots of food.


Just this past week, he began to sign “MORE” to ask us to play more with him.  This was such a wonderful thing to see so quickly and means to much developmentally.  Language will be a struggle due to his cleft palate and signing will be key as we wait for surgery and he begins to learn to use his voice.

Signing “MORE”

Also, August wants to MOVE!  He watches his brother every day and you can see in his eyes that he wants to figure out how Callum does everything he does.  He sits like a rock star now and moves throughout the floor when lying down to reach for anything and everything.


The changes we see in August (and I don’t mean just the crazy chub we see!!!) is among the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced.  He is a happy baby who is thriving in our arms.  I cannot wait to see what the future hold for our little August.

Happy Summer!




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