The Lucky Ones (and a VIDEO, too!)

Many people tell August that he is a VERY lucky little boy.  They look him in the eye and tell them he has joined a wonderful family.  Mike and I are humbled by the compliment that comes from these simple words.

BUT…I am certain that the LUCKY ones are us! We are so very lucky to have been brought down this path.  People say that “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON” and in the moments of low several years ago I tried with all my might to reason with that concept.  It was not easy.  I stayed strong and I stayed patient.

Today, I look back at the past several years.  I remember well the struggles of infertility and the very low moments.  I look back at the decisions we had to make and the patience we had to learn.

Today, I can WITH THE MOST CONFIDENCE EVER, say that this is what was meant to be for us.  The struggles to build our family is, in fact, what has lead us to this BEAUTIFUL family of 6.  They are what led us to our three biological children.  They are what led us to China, to August MinXian.

We are lucky…for we are allowed to forever parent this cherished boy. We are lucky to be the family he was destined to be with.  We are lucky to hold him in our arms and love him forever.

August’s story did not come with a lot of luck.  He was born with a correctable, yet serious medical condition.  He was abandoned by a family, for reasons we will never know, as a newborn.  He began his life alone, being cared for but not nurtured or loved.  August was hospitalized in China, with likely no one by his side twice.  He went through surgery in China alone.  He, with no say in the matter, was matched with our family, placed in our arms and whisked off to a completely new life and culture in a new country with all new faces.  No, August hasn’t been terribly lucky.

But we are so very lucky to have been brought to him.  We will turn this boy’s unfortunate beginning into a new life in which we nurture, teach and learn. We will endlessly talk with him about his beginning and hope to teach him forgiveness understanding and acceptance.  Most importantly we will teach him love. And with all of this we can only hope that August MinXian’s luck is rapidly about to turn around!

I have just put together a video of our adoption journey.  It is over 13 minutes long and is not for everyone. But, feel free to enjoy a walk through our journey towards August…as a FOREVER FITZGERALD.

You can access the video here!





2 thoughts on “The Lucky Ones (and a VIDEO, too!)

    1. what can I say,very well know me lisa i’m not very spiritual but if there is a god he knew what he was doing here.there couldn’t have been a happier ending.


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