A Milestone Day

June 5, 2017

August is 11 months old today.  This is the first monthly milestone we are able to celebrate, photograph and enjoy with our son in our arms!


I do not spend this day in sadness at the months and milestones missed with our fiercely loved son.  Rather, I am filled with joy at this “first”, one of so very many in our future together.

This day also marks FOUR WEEKS together.  Yes, four weeks to the day we were in Kunming, China.  We were still in a little bit of culture-shock and jet lag world.  We had not quite yet embraced China as the place and experience that we now hold dearly in our hearts.  But FOUR WEEKS ago today we had August in our arms.  And there he has stayed.

Lastly, today, June 5th,  marks the day we WOULD have met August for the first time if our trip had not been moved up to May!  The divine timing that brought us to China four weeks early has given us FOUR WEEKS to learn about August and learn about maneuvering as a family of 6.  It has given us a wonderful month together.  It will forever be FOUR very special WEEKS for the Fitzgerald family.




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