When I look back at the past month, May 2017, so many things run through my mind.  The first days of May were a whirlwind, spent frantic and nervous trying to prep for an unexpected early travel.  The middle of the month, May 5 through May 20, were possibly the most intense days I have ever experienced.  And the end of May was near perfection as we began to settle into family life at home.

Our time home has shown that our family was meant to have this Chinese boy, August MinXian, right here with us.  He has settled in well as have our other three kiddos.  I have days that I am amazed at how easy this has come and how meant to be this is.  But, of course, I have days that I am still trying to figure out how to mother four children, from an infant all the way to a teen!  Yesterday morning, filled with an annoying errand I was obligated to do, a hungry baby and an antibiotic induced diaper explosion while out and about was DEFINITELY one of those days!

But watching how our family has settled into being “the six of us” makes every moment rewarding. ¬†Watching August grow and develop is crazy rewarding. ¬†Watching Callum share without being asked, Danika “mother” August naturally and Anastasia help when I am just too busy is VERY rewarding.

Danika trying out her new chopsticks
Anastasia making her brother work hard

Adoption, as I have mentioned many times, is not easy. Nor is it all RAINBOWS.  We are fortunate to have had a wonderful trip to China, only a few bumps along the way.  We are fortunate that August is so young and settled into this enormous change well so far.

Our original plan was to leave for china on Friday, June 2nd.  Yet we have already been with our son for over three weeks.  And in those three weeks he has thrived into a completely different child.  He has found comfort in Mike and I.  He has found fun and giggles in his siblings.  He has met and been so very loved by grandparents, aunts and even some extended family.  August has discovered food, gained weight and learned to feed himself.  He has gone on a camping trip and seemed to enjoy it very much (even while recovering from pneumonia!).

A remarkable transformation of his THIGHS! (Left is days after we met and right is last weekend.) He is growing for sure. 
Yummy milk!
Learning to pick up fruit
Camping time!
Fast asleep in the camper
Standing some more!
Somebody runs on DUNKIN!

As I sit here reflecting on the past month, I become quite emotional considering that I would have been leaving for China in two days!  I miss many parts of China.  I am forever grateful for the memories we created there.  They are truly magnificent memories.  And I am forever grateful that we got to our boy 4 weeks sooner then we expected.  For we have been able to touch, snuggle and nurture August MinXian for 28 days longer that we  expected.  And he was alone, without a family, for 28 days less than he would have been.

MOMENTS FROM MAY 8th, the day we met




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