Home Sweet Home 

Our family circle is now complete! We are home. We are reunited with Danika and Callum. The Fitzgerald Family is together at last. 

The flights all went well. As long as we kept giving August food he traveled well. We made it to Washington D.C. around 8pm Saturday where August officially became an American Citizen. 

From there we had one last short flight to Bradley and we finally got HOME SWEET HOME around 12:30 AM. 

As expected, Mr. August DID NOT ENJOY the car ride home. Let me clarify that, HE HATED THE CAR RIDE HOME.  As I mentioned previously, car seats do not exist in China. He rode on my lap the entire trip. So this restraint in American cars was not flying with him. We have lots of work to do here, as we drive in our minivan A LOT. 

NANA and GRANDPA met us at the airport and we were thrilled and relieved to begin to see familiar and loved faces. GRANDMA got to see August amidst his restraint protest as we pulled in the driveway. 

But patience and love once again came to the rescue. That and a bottle of nice warm Similac! 

The pitter patter of Danika’s feet was likely the best sound I had heard in a long while. She had heard us come home and leaped up to greet us all. The hug she had waiting for me was the most anticipated I had ever had. I was finally with all of my kiddos. Well…I didn’t bother little Cal. He slept soundly through all of the commotion and he greeted me just as eagerly early in the daylight hours. 

August quickly fell asleep after his milk. He slept until dawn near us when we eagerly began our day together as a family. 

Sunday was a perfect and much awaited day. August took everything in. He smiled in awe at Danika, a familiar face to him from the many, many video calls made from China. Danika had been in love for months. But having him to see and touch settled her heart to bits. Callum enthusiastically ran right to his new brother. He was in awe and truly expressed passion towards this new being in our home. He played and played with him. He even shared his most prized monkey and “nugs” (blankie). 

We unpacked. We loved our two much missed MIDDLES. We ate glorious food and drank water straight from the tap! We spent many hours enjoying the fresh air and sunlight out in our neighborhood. We spent some time with both of our parents who now were able to see the August we spent the past two weeks with (not the August who was just restrained in a car seat!). One of Mike’s sisters and family visited and our great friends and neighbors spent time with us as well. We were showered with groceries and meals and snacks. Baby items were brought to us so a Target run was not yet something we had to do (good thing because we need to ease into the minivan!!). 

We made it straight through the early evenin and all settled early. Jet lag had us tired early but we all felt well. So far so good.  I wrap up this newest post during a late night bottle feeding (remember, Mr. August thinks it is lunchtime!). 

We know the days, weeks and months to come will not all be peachy like yesterday was. August has much to transition to and much to learn.  We have a new sleep schedule to figure out. Routines need to be slowly learned. Callum is in love but will need our extra attention to accommodate for the needs of a new baby in the home. Anastasia and Danika will be no different needing lots of love and affection. And I am certain we can expect some hard days from all ahead. 

But we are together. Our circle is complete. And tonight (this early morning, actually) I relish in it all! 


One thought on “Home Sweet Home 

  1. I adore all the pics but the one of August and Cal just melted my heart! ❤️ What a sweet pic! So glad you are HOME! Love my Fitzs times six!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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