Saying Goodbye

A week ago, here in China, I was so emotional and was brought to tears nearly anytime I looked at a photo of Danika and Callum. As soon as we had August in our arms I was ready to hop on a plane back to Massachusetts.  China was fine, but I wanted to be HOME!

And then something unexpected happened when we got to Guangzhou.  I began to thoroughly enjoy myself.


DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND!  I NEED to see my two MIDDLE LITTLES more than I need anything in my life (even more than I need gluten free pizza, pasta and cheese!).  I NEED to hug them, kiss them, touch them and play with them.  I long for August to become an American Citizen and for him to enter our home as a FOREVER FITZGERALD.  He will play on our rugs, touch our grass and finally see and hear his siblings in person.  I cannot wait for my four children to play together, learn together, hug each other and fight with each other.  And the moment our family and friends finally see and feel our BABY CHINA is greatly anticipated.

These two are doing so great without us.  They miss us and I KNOW my mom is tired and needs a vacation!  But we are so grateful to ALL that helped us make this happen!  Look at them! 

But this past week has been fun, meaningful and so very memorable!

While in Kunming, we met a family who adopted a teenage girl, Sadie. I mentioned her in a previous post. In China, children “age out” at the age of 14, therefore become unadaptable and often subjected to a dire future. Sadie turned 14 on the day of her appointment at the US Consulate.  If that is not perfect divine timing, then I am unsure what is.

Another family, who we met here in Guangzhou, adopted a beautiful, energetic and most precious 6 year old boy, Sam!

I tear up just looking at this picture.  These folks will be missed so dearly.  We will keep in touch, share a lifelong friendship now, and hope to meet up again!

Together the 10 of us became friends.  We we’re brought together in the most unique way, connected by one theme, adoption.  We come from across the country, Massachusetts, Texas and Iowa.  And we have built, in less than 2 weeks, a friendship and bond that very few in this world will ever have.  We have spent the past week shopping together, lounging by the pool, eating meals, laughing and learning about each other.  We have watched our newest children grow and change and bond before our eyes. We have heard about family back home and have shared wonderful memories.  We have enjoyed evening beer and wine, scoured the exquisite architecture and landmarks of the city.  We braved and mastered the Chinese subway many times.  We even had  a birthday celebration for Sadie complete with cake, candles, singing and gifts!

Happy Birthday Sadie! You have gotten the most amazing birthday present…a FAMILY!

Ana and Sadie, two young girls nearly the same age but of cultures oceans away, transformed in front of our eyes into the most comfortable friends.  This sight was one of the most touching things I have ever witnessed.  They laughed, played, swam and searched their phones as typical teenage friends would do.  Sadie speaks barely any English and Ana is a novice at Chinese language compared to her.  Yet they talked and talked and talked.  When they were stuck, out came the phone and an app translated for them.  I wish you could have seen this friendship develop!  And the two girls were so loved by sweet Sam.  He held their hands and would eagerly seek the two out.

I am forever grateful that these families forced me out of my comfort zone and into the world of China, friendship, culture, socialization and emotions.  We have seen so much that many never will.  I have taken in the culture of China and I appreciate this beautiful country and perfectly unique culture more than I thought I was able to.  Yes, I NEED to be home.  I need to begin our life as a circle of 6. But, YES, I am crazy sad to leave the birth country of my son.  This country will be missed.  This country and this trip will be a part of my life for eternity now.

August continues to change before our EYES!  I eagerly anticipate all we will see in the coming months.

We have a flight tomorrow (Saturday) at about noon (12AM EST). We will fly to Beijing and then connect to a LONG flight to the US.  At about 8PM EST we will land at Dulles D.C.   and the moment the plane touches American soil, August will be a citizen of the USA!  From here we take a short flight to Hartford.  And then…after 16 months waiting for this moment, we will be together.  We will be perfect.

So, with bittersweet emotion, I say GOODBYE CHINA.  Without you, we would not have this story we do.  And with much anticipation for our future, HELLO USA!



2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I can’t add anything other than well said lisa. congrats to Sadie she must be very excited. be safe and welcome home


  2. What a wonderful experience for all of you. For you and Mike ,the culmination of a dream, for Ana, the amazing experience and for one very special little boy the best gift EVER – a FOREVER FAMILY. Can’t wait to have you all safely and happily home. ❤️


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