Mother’s Day in China

“He is mine is a way that he will never be hers, yet he is hers in a way that he will never be mine, and together, we are motherhood”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers who are reading here today!  Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother and to Michael’s mother as well.  We are thinking of them 7000 miles away and hope they enjoyed the “surprise” we sent them!


And on this Mother’s Day, I sit in awe at what happened 6 days ago.  I am this boy’s mother.  But I do not take for granted even for a moment that he has a Birth Mother as well.  And without her, without bravery and sacrifice, he would never be mine.  We will never know her story and we will never be able to share it with August.  The orphanage staff had no details about his abandonment.  But we will share with him the story of how he came to us.  And we will share with him how important his Birth Mother is in his story.

We make August work hard, and although he isn’t always happy about this, we hope to see him sitting on his own soon!!! Look at him go!
On Friday we flew to Guangzhou.  We arrived very late and got to bed in our new hotel around 1AM Saturday.  We will spend our final week here in Guangzhou.  Here, we will complete the required steps to allow us to get a VISA for August, therefore bring him to the US of A!!!  We had a required medical checkup for August on Saturday morning.  And we have a Consulate Appointment on Wednesday.  After that we wait 48 hours for his Visa to be ready and then we can fly home on Saturday!!!  I cannot wait!

But, while we are here, we have lots of free days and look forward to exploring.  Being in Guangzhou is a COMPLETELY different world than Kunming.  We are completely NEW to the world of China.  So in Kunming, we knew nothing else.  But Guangzhou is so much easier and comfortable.  It is a large and populated city.  It is in southern China.  And it is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!  We are talking 80’s to 90’s and HUMID HUMID so feeling like 100’s every day.  It rains a lot here, but not all day long.  And it is so hazy (and polluted I would imagine) you can barely see when looking out the window.

It is difficult to put into words the differences we see and feel here versus Kunming without sounding like a completely ignorant foreigner.  It is more modern and doesn’t feel quite so “far away”.  We had an amazing guide in Kunming and she helped us navigate our way around.  But we were in culture shock many times. The streets, the sights, even the smells in Kunming felt so far away.  We have another amazing guide here in Guangzhou and he is absolutely hilarious (and helpful…so so helpful!).

Today we went to Shaiman Island.  It is a sandbank island with loads of history. It is also where adoptions took place many years ago so it is filled with many landmarks special to adoptive families. We had such an amazing time.  We went with a few other adoptive couples who we recently befriended! The island had some shopping, beautiful gardens, statues, and Starbucks!  We were soaked with sweat, we learned how to play local “hacky sack”, and laughed a ton!

A famous statue where many adoptive families take photos with their child.

John, our hilarious guide!

The locals are MUCH better at this “hacky sack” than us!  Our guide saw this photo posted on WECHAT (popular social media in China) by a friend.  I can only imagine what the caption may have read. 
Mothers Day is recognized here in China, so places are busy today!  And we were often told “happy Mother’s Day” by others.

Enjoying Starbucks
Overall, what a wonderful Mother’s Day and one that we will NEVER be able to recreate.  I hope you all have just as memorable of a day!




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