The Post You Have Been Waiting For! 

I know you have all been (im)patiently waiting for this post to come! It is getting late here in China and we have had a busy and intense day! So this is going to be short and sweet. But I will fill you in on lots of details very soon. 


Our son is with us. Sleeping soundly in the crib next to our bed. 

He is perfect. He is healthy. And he has already greeted us with many smiles and even giggles. He particularly loves to look at and giggle with Anastasia, no big surprise! And she is mighty happy about this

We have much to learn (like how to best feed him, he only drank a bit before bed). And we will now move into the “getting to know each other” phase. Just like any new parent  

We are in love.

Enjoy these sneak peeks of August MinXian Fitzgerald. He has a family forever. May 8th is now FOREVER FITZGERALD day from here on out in our family! 

We will get some sleep now, as much as is possible with a new baby! And early tomorrow we will return to the Civil Affairs office to officially adopt August.  Then we have a few free days and I will fill you all in on the wonderful details of this most amazing day!


5 thoughts on “The Post You Have Been Waiting For! 

  1. He’s beautiful and we are so happy for all of you. Enjoy getting to know each other. Can’t wait until we get to meet him. Hugs an kisses to all

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    1. you guys look so happy and relaxed. well he certainly is a cutie., and he looks happy knowing how bright his future will be. love to all uncle rich

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