A Little Layover Lowdown

It is May 5th. And we are on our way to China! That’s right, we are going to pick up our son and bring him HOME! 
Throughout this entire adoption process, this day always seemed out of reach. We knew it would arrive, of course. But it just seemed so far away, so surreal. 
Not anymore! The day is here. And we are already in New Jersey as I post this!

In fact, I am writing this while in the air, on a plane approximately the size of one of Callum’s toys. My father-in-law warned me we were flying on a tiny propeller plane. And flying doesn’t make me nervous (amazing I know seeing as many, many things, including traveling to China, do, in fact, make me quite nervous). But this plane is TEENY! The flight is short and Mike, my nervous flyer is doing ok! 

Anastasia, on the other hand, is flying high! She has not stopped talking since she woke up. She has asked so many questions about the plane and flying since we boarded that I was just about to switch seats with Mike so I wouldn’t have to answer anymore! 

So…China…here we come! I may be nervous about traveling to China. We may have lots of unknowns ahead of us. We may have a REALLY, REALLY long flight to come. 
But, we are ready. I have a suitcase full of gluten free food! Our hearts are open. Our son is waiting and we are getting closer to him by the minute. I am ready to see, hold, smell, kiss this boy who has been merely a photo on our fridge yet already made my heart grow in size. 
We leave New Jersey in just a few hours. And then our long flight to Shanghai begins. From there we make one more trip to Kunming where we will spend our first week, where we will meet our boy! We arrive in Kunming at 7:20PM (China time), 7:20AM EST on Saturday, May 6th. 
Just yesterday, I got this quote in an email. It was perfect timing. A reminder that gave me chills. 

We WILL thrive on this trip and in our future with our new son. It won’t easy. It may be one of the most difficult things we have ever done. But we will thrive! 
Enjoy this updated photo of August MinXian that we were blessed with just a few days ago! He is out of the hospital and is eating well again. He did have pneumonia and we pray he is healthy when we arrive. 



9 thoughts on “A Little Layover Lowdown

  1. Lisa, I was thinking of you this morning when I awoke. Concern with the weather, your lengthey flight and the challenges of the next 2 weeks. I’m sitting here in tears but they are tears of joy for your courage, strength and despite the expected anxieties , your willingness to persevere to reach goals. Your an exceptional family and your new son has certainly hit the jackpot. I truly admire you all and love you to the moon and back. Enjoy this new chapter in your life and glad we can share it with you. Love, Auntie Dee

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      1. wow he looks great. waiting for mom,dad and big sis to bring him home. be safe. keep posting if you can. love always uncle rich. give august a big hug for me after you are done

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  2. So excited for you guys! Safe travels! So happy that this little boy gets to be given an amazing life by an amazing family. You guys are amazing if only everybody had hearts as big as yours . ❤️❤️❤️🤗

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  3. Beautiful words. This boy does not know how lucky he is, and the amazing life he will have ❤️ Love to you all and safe travels!!


  4. GOD knew what he was doing when he picked your family to raise this little angel. I can’t wait to meet him. Praying for a safe flight, hang in there, he is almost HOME!

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