Perfect Divine Timing for CHINA!

Last fall I would sit and daydream about “Baby China” and I would picture what our trip to China might look like and when it might take place.  Something kept telling me that I would be in China on my 40th birthday, in April.

Then things slowed down, we were not matched as quickly as we had expected and a trip in April was out of the question.

Once we got matched, we were thrilled to know we would be traveling in JUNE!  And we knew June would be here VERY quickly.  So we began planning immediately.


And then, our paperwork and approvals came quickly.  And just last week our agency called and asked if we would like to try and make the May travel group, that is, the May 5th travel group! I was the one that received this call.  I lost my adult ability to calmly speak to another adult and awkwardly said several “UHs” followed by a “I am going to have to call Mike”.

Leaving on May 5th meant leaving in 9 days.  NINE DAYS!!! And while June planning was going well we were not nearly “ready”.  The June calendar was clear.  The May calendar had LOTS of appointments and obligations.

But…how do you say “NO THANKS, WE WOULD RATHER WAIT ANOTHER 4 WEEKS TO GET OUR SON”???  You don’t!  So we scrambled! We rearranged our schedules, cancelled appointments, called our parents, delicately backed out on extended family and friend obligations AND BOOKED TICKETS TO CHINA!

So, yes, we are leaving for China on Friday.

And yes, our heads are spinning!  We began non stop errands, tasks, prepping and chores at that moment.  WE HAVENT STOPPED.

The “family and friends” TROOPS have come in and taken over.  The support and help has been incredible.  And it continues to pour in, offering to help with ANYTHING.

And very soon we will be ready.  I will spend the next couple days scrambling to be sure.  Then I will spend the last days before we leave loving my KIDDOS more than I thought possible. Their world is about to change enormously.  Two of the three will be away from Mom and Dad for longer than I could ever imagine (17 days).  They will be well cared for…perfectly cared for by our family.  But they will be so missed deeply and I will LOVE them up extra big this week.

PERFECT DIVING TIMING has been a big piece of this adoption process.  And PERFECT DIVINE TIMING is Friday.  We recently found out that our waiting BOY is not eating well and has been receiving medical intervention/observation.  We know few details. But he needs us.  He needs his family.  He needs him Mommy and Daddy. And he needs to come HOME!

Keep August MinXian in your thoughts, please!

So, no, I wasn’t in China on my recent 40th Birthday like I had thought.  But one day after I entered a new decade, I got a phone call asking if I was ready to meet my son. And 10 days after I will leave for CHINA!

We appreciate even the tiniest thought or prayer for our BOY, his health and the world changing event that he has no idea is about to take place.

Lastly, I will update while in CHINA!  But…the reliability of internet will be unpredictable.  If you do not hear from me for a while, imagine that either we are tired and overwhelmed while figuring this all out. OR, that I cannot connect to the sites I need.  Check my Instagram page @fill_your_heart for photo updates. And the link to the blog from FACEBOOK my not work in CHINA.  So, if you want to be sure not to miss a post, sign up to FOLLOW the blog (there is a button on the side, just scroll up) and you will get an email when I post!

zài jiàn 再见 (goodbye) friends and family!



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