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The Eighth Month

I will always remember in great detail when I first became a mother.  I doubt there is a mama out there that cannot remember this spectacular event.

For me, this was on August 10th, 2004.  Nearly THIRTEEN years ago (and if you aren’t paying attention, yes, this means that in a few short months I will be the mother of a teenager…HEEEELLLLLPPPPP MEEEEEEE)!

Anastasia Dorothy was born on AUGUST 10th.  And on that day I had suddenly earned a new title.  One that came with an amount of pressure and responsibility like none other.  A title that brought worry, guilt and doubt every day thereafter.  And a title that instantly came with a profound love that one could not prepare for or expect.  Being a mother brought pride and joy.  It brought responsibility to protect, teach, safeguard and let go when needed.  It will forever be one of the most amazing moments of my entire life.

The month of AUGUST also happens to house the birthday of Michael.  Michael is a husband and a father.  He is an incredible man who loves his family so deep in his soul it could seemingly hurt.  He is funny and kind.  He is compassionate and romantic (well, ok, maybe romantic was a more appropriate description two or three children ago!). He is a simple guy who needs merely love, affection, his family close by and a birthday WATERMELON ROLL each and every AUGUST 7th!

AND…AUGUST also is the month in which Michael and I began dating, all the way back in 1998! Although we may not have known it at that exact moment, it was the first page in our story.  A wonderful, amazing, story that still has many sequels to come.

AUGUST has always been a meaningful month in our marriage, in our family!

august [aw-guhst]

1. inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic
And, in our opinion, the month of AUGUST was certainly named appropriately!  Hahaha!!!
Now, I hope I haven’t lost you yet!  I promise this is going somewhere.  Anyone who has been (quite surprisingly) reading my posts regularly, knows that there must be a reason for my long-winded explanation of the 8th month of the year!
Well…please have a little peek at the beloved face of our son,



We have chosen to give our son an American first name, yet keep his Chinese first name as his middle name.  We will call him by whatever we feel is perfect when the time comes to meet our boy (whether it is his American name, Chinese name or a variety of nicknames derived from either).

We have dropped his Chinese last name as it is common for children in orphanages to be given a common last name.  In AUGUST’s case, his last name is the city in which he lives and likely many children in the orphanage he is in have this same last name.  It is also common for the children to be given a first name by their caretakers and is often what they hope or dream for this child.  When translated, MinXian means “a worthy and virtuous person”! What a perfect fit.  It is pronounced phonetically “Meen – Sheean”.

We are very fortunate to have quite a handful of photos and even videos of our son.  And we continue look at them each and every day until we can wrap our arms around him.  We remain in awe, in love, in wonder.  We remain anxious, inpatient, concerned.

Thank you so very kindly for all the wonderful words you have sent our way, for the love, well-wishes, congratulations, thoughts and prayers!



5 thoughts on “The Eighth Month

  1. OMG!! What a perfect story and a perfect name! That baby is already so very loved and has no idea that he’s won the family jackpot.

    Congrats Fitzgeralds!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lisa you knowhow I am about reading,other than the sports pages. but every time I read one of your posts I start getting watery eyes. love you guys always and yes the kiddos too uncle rich


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