PINK and RED and GLITTER all over

I have always loved Valentine’s Day.  I can’t quite explain why. Mike and I don’t make reservations at a fancy restaurant.  We don’t buy expensive gifts for each other.  But I have always loved the HAPPINESS that surrounds this day.

No picture of Ana in red because…she is at the doctors!

I look forward to the pink and red colors everywhere.  We decorate the house with a few favorite “LOVE” related times.  The kids gather cards for their friends. Danika pulls out the scissors, glitter and glue and begins to create things.  Then she gets a bit more glitter and sprinkles it on top.  And once she is finished the entire room is sparkling! And I truly mean sparkling, as the glitter will remain for several months to come.

Mike has been known to fill the house with silly notes, colorful decorations, petals on the floor and stickers everywhere.  Sometimes it is in my car, other times it is in the bathroom. But I can usually count on a houseful of red and pink when I wake up on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is fun in our house.  It isn’t about expensive gifts or big plans.  That we never have done.  But we always take the day to remind each other how special our life is.  Mike and I take a few much needed minutes to say I love you. And we leave notes and surprises for the kids to remind them how important they are to us.

Out of pure coincidence, one year ago, on the weekend of Valentine’s Day 2016, we officially submitted our application to our adoption agency.

I am certain Valentine’s Day will always be a favorite time of year for me.  And it just happens to now hold another wonderful meaning for our family.  It is when we said “YES” to adoption.

A year has, once again, flown by. The older I get the faster a year whizzes past me.

But this winter…oh my, this winter…is just not WHIZZING by at all!  In fact, I am convinced that some greater power has pushed the “slo-mo” button on this winter season.

Or maybe I am stuck in a “Groundhog Day” type of situation.

Wake up…snow, one kid is sick, go to doctors, shovel, stay cooped up inside, go to bed.

Wake up…snow, another kid is sick, go to doctors, shovel, stay cooped up inside, go to bed.

Wake up…snow, the third kid is sick, go to doctors, shovel, stay cooped up inside, go to bed.

Wake up, snow, the first kid is sick again, go to doctors, watch Mike snow blow from window, stay cooped up inside, go to bed.

I’d say I am joking, but that is precisely how entertaining  things are around here these days.

Our attempt at getting outside.  It lasted a wonderful 4 minutes, I believe!

And the “phone call” we are waiting for to hear that we have been MATCHED with BABY CHINA…is still a phone call we wait for.  Chinese New Year slows things down significantly in China, so we haven’t seen much movement in the matching process.  The call will come.  We will make it to China. And we will meet our baby. But the “perfect timing” just doesn’t seem to be now.

So, today I pick up my chin, find my smile and enjoy the heart-shaped balloon strung on the kitchen fruit basket. I giggle as I watch Danika skip out the door in her fluffy white tutu and red and pink shirt, shoes, earrings, hair bows, carrying her bag of Valentine’s.  And I grin as I step in the piles of glitter on the floor.


And it just so happens that antibiotic for kids is PINK….so I will grab the next dose and think festive thoughts as I force the LITTLES to take it.

It is possible, though, that tomorrow I may need a swift kick in the butt…to get me up and ready to do this again.

But once I do…we are one day closer to spring. And one day closer to getting that important “phone call”!

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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