zài jiàn 再见 2016…it has been a delight

When I entered 2016 back in January,  I was determined to make this year GREAT.  We did not know we were adopting on January 1, 2016. In fact, only 10 days prior to the new year we had met with a local domestic adoption agency and had left there quite discouraged.

We entered 2016 unsure if we would build our family or close that chapter.  Regardless, as I mentioned,  I entered 2016 determined to make it a GREAT year.

I went in to 2016 determined.  And I went in to 2016 with a positive attitude.

Determination and a positive attitude paid off.

2016 has been one of my BEST!

We celebrated 15 years of marriage with a night away…sans kids! 

We did make an amazing decision to adopt a child this year. And I have spent 0ver 10 months of 2016 “paper pregnant” waiting for this child.

And, of course, this decision was never second-guessed and certainly will help to keep 2016 a year we will alway remember.

But 2016 was also much more!

Last January I write myself some goals.  I am a list keeper, by nature. But writing goals for the year was not something I had ever done.  I didn’t make resolutions on January 1st.  I just listed things I hoped to accomplish throughout the year.  I wrote 12 of them!  TWELVE….

And now, 12 months later, I look back at these goals.  I did not meet all of them. For I imagine that could be an impossible achievement.  Yet, I have no regrets.  I feel pride that I met 9 of my listed goals, several of which were no easy feat!

Listing to you what these goals were, what I accomplished or what I have yet to figure out, is not the important part of my story.  But as I sit here, on the last few moments of 2016, opening a fresh journal, scratching thoughts and ideas of my BIG PLANS for 2017, I am reminded of what is important.

I urge you to take time for YOU this year.  Take time to consider what you need, what you want, what you love. These things are bigger than resolutions we make as we turn our calendars to January each year.

Danika WON’T be giving up DONUTS for New Years. Promise!

I urge you to use determination and positive attitude to make some of these needs, wants and loves COME TO LIFE!

I have made 2016 a year to remember.  A year to be proud of and a year of glorious memories.

And I am insistent on 2017 being amazing in its own unique way.

zài jiàn 再见 (GOOD BYE) 2016…it has been a delight.

Happy 2017!



OH…and I wouldn’t MIND terribly if 2017 wanted to bring us a LITTLE bugger from China to love, to learn from and to slowly build into “our” family.




5 thoughts on “zài jiàn 再见 2016…it has been a delight

  1. Thank you for your posts…they are so uplifting….your family is very special…..I can’t wait to hear that you will travel to China….so exciting….May this New Year bring you and your family continued blessings and another beautiful child !!! Love, Cathy Irish

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  2. We all need to follow our own paths and take time to smell the flowers. Hoping 2017 will be that special year for your little family. The rest of us will be excited and thrilled to go along for the ride. Love ❤️ you bunches.

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  3. Lisa, you are such an amazing woman! You are truly one of a kind and reading all of your posts make me happy. You, Mike, and the kids deserve the best 2017 ever and I can’t wait to hear about your journey to go get little China.

    Happy New Year!

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  4. I still love to stop by here whenever I need to read a little joy, feel a lot of warmth and spread a lot of love. Best to you in 2017


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