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We said “YES” to adoption on February 13, 2016.

Had the date that we submitted an application to our agency been, instead, the date we conceived a baby, we would be snuggling and smooching a 1 1/2 month old by now.

But adoption doesn’t quite work the same as a pregnancy.  The wait for our child doesn’t have a well-known due date, it doesn’t work in trimesters and it doesn’t come with tracking apps and calendars.

With Christmas so very close, we are seeing and hearing from lots of family and friends.  And with that comes lots of questions about our BABY CHINA.

We know, it seems as though we have spoken about BABY CHINA for a long time now.  Yet, we don’t even know who BABY CHINA is.  We have talked about traveling to China yet we do not have a plane ticket purchased.

I wonder if it, at times, it even seems real.  We have plans, dreams, thoughts and worries about our newest LITTLE one.  But we don’t yet have a true picture of who this LITTLE one is.

But wait, isn’t that sort of like being pregnant?

I mean, we are waiting to meet our child.  We do not yet know what our child looks like or if our child is a boy or a girl.  I am full of emotions as I wait…excited and overjoyed much of the time, yet nervous and easily upset at other times.

It just so happens that our wait is quite a bit longer than any woman in her right mind would EVER want to be pregnant for!

I have been quiet here on our blog.  And, sure, I have been busy with all that comes with this time of year. And with raising three kids! But the reason that I haven’t posted much here is simple.  I just don’t have anything to update you on!

The kids donated lots of toys to TOYS FOR TOTS!
And they even made it on the local news!

We are just waiting.  No paper work. No fees due (for now…yay!). No documents, papers, stamps or seals.  We are just waiting for our agency to call us with information about a child.  A child that will be our “BABY CHINA”.

“CRICK” our family ELF sent us a little something to help bring BABY CHINA home!

Every month we call into our agency for a “match call”.  We get updates about the process: how many families are waiting, how many families have been matched and more.  The agency continues to be wonderful and answers any questions we may have while we wait.

We could get a call this week. We could get a call in three months.  And the more time that goes by, the more I find myself thinking about this “CALL”.

But for now, we just wait.  And we enjoy each and every day of our wait, just as we did during our wait for Anastasia, Danika and Callum.

I have days that I dream about BABY CHINA. I have days that I just cannot wait to meet BABY CHINA, and I have days that I am enjoying the present and not thinking about BABY CHINA quite as much.

So, just know, that BABY CHINA will be here.  We just don’t quite know when.

And as soon as we have wonderful news to share, you can be sure that you will hear!

Merry Christmas to all!


Spreading some sweet kindness and love!




Loving her hedgehogs, as always!




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