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World Adoption Day

Tomorrow, November 15, 2016,  is WORLD ADOPTION DAY.

A day to celebrate family. A day to spread awareness about adoption.

In past, WORLD ADOPTION DAY has been celebrated on November 9th.  This year the decision was made to move it by a week in order to let November 9th relish in all the emotions of post -election 2016.  A smart move I might add. And I will add nothing further regarding the never-to-be-forgotten election of 2016!

The year 2016 has brought so many things to my family. On December 31, 2015, I vowed to leave behind many things.  The year was difficult and my emotions were controlling my life.  Even before we said “YES” to adoption, I was determined to make 2016 one of my best yet. And that is exactly what we have done. We filled this year with beautiful memories. We found relaxation, fun, adventure, and hope.  I have worked hard to put aside negative, worry, envy, and live life in the present. I have learned once again to be grateful for the MANY blessings I have, even if in some eyes, those blessings may seem so very tiny.

And one thing 2016 has brought us, is an awareness of adoption.  We chose adoption because it was the perfect fit for our family at the perfect time.  And for many reasons China is where we chose to adopt from. But adoption awareness is about so much more than me and my family.  Adoption is around us in many ways.  Adoption has touched the lives of many, many people.  And since we stepped into this WORLD, we have met many people whose lives it has touched.  Some people we have known for a very long time, but just didn’t know their adoption story.  People in our lives suddenly began to share how adoption has touched them. Others we met just this year. Some friendships are through the world of cyberspace, yet contain a closeness difficult to comprehend.

Adoption is in our neighborhood, in our city, in our country, in our world.  Adoption is 3000 miles away and 30 seconds away.  Adoption is a wonderful show of love. And adoption is a tragic display of loss. Adoption is about hope, yet it begins with fear and despair.

This lovely year, 2016, in which I have learned to live in the present and not pretend to be or want to be perfect, is why I am able to, for the first time ever, celebrate WORLD ADOPTION DAY!

Put a smiley face on YOUR hand and show your support for #WORLDADOPTIONDAY

Go to for more information! And use #worldadoptionday on all your social media with your smiley-faced hand!




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