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Finding Calm in the Chaos

“My life is busy!”

“I am so busy.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

I know, I know…who couldn’t say this? Just about any one of us can easily complain about just how busy life gets.

And I am no exception.  I may or may not have been saying this a little bit too much these days.  Ok, yes, I have been focusing on just how busy my life is right now so much, that I would likely have time to fit ONE MORE THING into my day if I would use the time complaining more wisely!

And I should mention, VERY little of my hectic and chaotic life currently revolves around ADOPTION.  I should also mention that VERY little of my hectic and chaotic life is due to anything bad or negative! And I am grateful for THAT!!!

BUT, oh my goodness, I AM BUSY!  Wonderfully busy.

With back-to-school season comes the typical busy schedule.  And this year is a doozy!  My car has, once again, become my second home.  It is possible, even, that I spend more time in my car than I do at home!  Thank goodness all four tires are still working perfectly (for now!).  I am pretty sure that the gas pump recognizes my car and debit card when I pull up.

My husband? Mike? Who is he?  I know I am married.  I know I have a handsome husband that I adore more than anyone, but why do I never see this man????  Ohhhhhh…because we TAG TEAM daily.  When he comes home from work on time, which is very rare as he is amidst a conversion at work, we barely have a second for a smooch and then he is off with one kid and I am off with the others.  When he works late, it would be a blue moon miracle if I was actually awake.

I decided that returning to school amongst my wonderfully busy life was a brilliant idea, too!  And as I re-learn how to listen to lectures, do homework, take quizzes, and read research, I am grateful that I am so very passionate about this new field I am working hard to enter (lactation consultant!).  And I am grateful for online learning.  And for earbuds to listen to lectures at soccer practice.  And for nap time!  Yes, I am grateful when my LITTLEST LITTLE naps long enough more me to “go to school.

And such an outburst of support has come to our family through our teeny tiny bracelet business, all started to help us crack away at our high adoption fees.  An outburst that has us hand making bracelets A LOT!  A LOT!  How can I not appreciate this support? It is humbling and amazing.  So, yes, we decided that becoming (temporary) business owners was a perfect fit for our family as well!

So when I am not UBERing my children, frequenting the gas station, making and shipping bracelets, or doing my own school work what do I DO?  I volunteer at the kid’s school, go to local meetings to meet and greet local lactation consultants (in hope that one will want me to do a clinical rotation with her ;), do MOMMY preschool at home with the toddler, make whatever quick and halfway healthy meals I can come up with, and stare at the mess in my house willing it to go away! Oh, and I update our adoption BLOG, just not very often these days.

If I try to do my school work while the toddler is awake, THIS HAPPENS!

My life is chaotic.  And I am reminding myself, and YOU, to find CALM IN THE CHAOS.

I don’t make much time for myself these days.  And Mike and I DEFINITELY do not make enough time for each other lately. And some days I can feel the full effect of this busy lifestyle that we are currently speeding through.

And that is why I appreciate the LITTLE things so much more today, than I ever would have.  I appreciate the (rare) uninterrupted shower.  I appreciate being able to read three paragraphs of the library book that is due back tomorrow.  I appreciate a good nights sleep, waking up early, and 15 minutes of quiet yoga.

Life is chaotic.  Life is busy.  Life is fast and life is, at times a blur.  Being this busy is stressful.  But life is good!  We are blessed.  And taking time to find CALM, even if for just the approximate 11.6 minutes that I am awake while all three kiddos are asleep, helps me get through another round of chaos tomorrow.

Because some day I will miss this chaos.  I am CERTAIN I will not miss the dishes piled up to the ceiling. But these wonderfully CHAOTIC moments are being filled with memories we will cherish.

So when you have a day, a week, a month or a year that is BUSY… When you feel like you are drowning in this thing we call life…

GRAB A COFFEE (coffee…yes, how did I not mention coffee yet?) and EMBRACE the CHAOS!

This wonderful MUG holds my morning dose of caffeine and was handmade by





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