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Documents, Papers, Stamps and Seals (WE ARE DTC!!!)

We are merely connected by documents, papers, stamps and seals.  We do not yet have a name or a face.  But right now, these papers are the one thing that is bringing us closer and closer to our baby!

We worked hard for 7 months to gather everything we need to have a complete dossier.  And as of last Friday (9.9.16) we were officially DTC (Dossier To China)!!!!

Ice cream, you scream. We all scream, “WE ARE DTC”!!!!!

Our stack of papers (much more officially called “dossier”), in a nutshell, tells the story of Mike and I from birth and childhood to marriage and children.  They document our education, employment and present health.  A few close people who know us well included letters about us in our dossier. We were cleared by local police as well as homeland security.

And this stack of papers has been flown to China.  It will be logged in to CCCWA (Chinese Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption). And it will then be translated into Mandarin.

What this means for us is that we are officially in the MATCHING stage of our adoption.  We will soon have a detailed conversation with the matching team at our agency about the process. And then guess what we will do????

We will wait!

We will wait until we get a phone call. A much anticipated phone call, that our agency has a LITTLE in mind for our family.  A phone call telling us that they have a file they would like us to review.  And when it is right, when it is perfect, we will know that we have just laid eyes on our baby for the very first time.

And this, my friends, is what will make our connection to our baby a whole new world.  It will still involve many more documents, papers, stamps and seals. But at that moment, we will be connected by so so much more.


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