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22 Days

Our family is weaved together by many threads.  Threads of care, support, frustration, mistakes, accomplishments, worry, laughter, tears, joy, hard work, and, of course, LOVE. Across this beautiful ocean, thousands of miles aways from us, the last thread of our family waits.


Today we are another step closer to Baby China!

Our immigration application (i800a) that we mailed out 22 days ago has been APPROVED! This is much faster than we anticipated and we are grateful to have reached another milestone in this wonderful journey.

I called USCIS several times throughout this waiting process to check in.  My experience with EVERY employee I spoke with was pleasant and efficient.  I was told that adoption applications were of the utmost importance at USCIS and had no trouble getting updates on our progress.  Overall, one of our easiest “paperwork duties” yet.

We were officially approved yesterday. We should receive the approval letter in the mail within a few days.  And since we are enjoying a family camping vacation at the beach this week, I should return refreshed and ready to get moving with our next step.

Having fun on the beach! 

It will take me about a week or two to get these last few documents notarized, certified and authenticated. And then we will ship the large packet of documents that we have worked so hard to compile over the past 6 months to our agency in Oregon.  If they agree that we did it all correctly, it will then be mailed to China!

And then we will wait!…

To be matched with Baby China.

A tiny child who does not know how a family is weaved together.  A child who is waiting, yet does not know what he waits for.  A child whose life will be turned upside down.

A child that will, with lots of care, support, frustration, mistakes, accomplishments, worry, laughter, tears, joy, hard work, and, of course, LOVE, be the final stitch to make our family PERFECT.


And just to show you how perfectly un-perfect our family is…here is an attempt at getting our “perfect” family beach photo! Isn’t it AMAZING!!!!  Hahahahaha

Look at the camera EVERYONE, SMILE…uh…ok this will have to do!!!

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