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FedEx Delivered!

Twelve weeks isn’t a large amount of time in the grand scheme of life.

Just think about how fast summer flies by. And every year from back-to-school season in September to the holidays in December we rarely know what happened to all of our time.

Three months is barely a blink when we look back.

But waiting for 12 weeks to receive our approved Home Study seemed like FOREVER!

Our final home study visit with our social worker was on May 1st.  The grass was barely green, frosty nights were still a threat, our gardens were not yet planted.  We are amateurs in the world of adoption. We thought we were so close to being able to say our home study was done.  A couple weeks maybe??? Okay, a few weeks? Possibly a little over a month???

Well, that is not quite how it turned out.  As we waited for our home study to get written, proofed, checked, approved, re-written, approved, revised, approved again, signed, notarized and finally shipped to us we learned once again that the adoption process is filled with waiting and patience.

And waiting is what we did!

This 12 week wait is not typical, we have been told.  And this 12 week wait had nothing to do with us, our family, our home or any mishap on our part.  The two agencies we work with got held up for various reasons.  One of our agencies was in constant communication with us about it, considerably apologetic and pleasant as they always have been.  The other agency, well, not so much. But we have resolved what seems to have been the issue, gotten a sincere apology (a tad later than we probably should have as we really chose not to complain too much until just recently), and therefore finally got our home study overnighted via Fed Ex.

So this morning when I heard the rumble of the diesel engine in front of my house and 15 seconds later the doorbell, I ran for my LONG awaited package! Seeing those purple and orange letters on that truck was such a wonderful sight!


Okay, maybe I am a little over the top here! Trust me, I have had plenty of things to keep my mind off of this long wait for the past few months. But we are crazy happy to have reached this milestone!!! Our home study is approved and we have it in our hands!

So now what? Now we need our immigration approval. In other words we need to apply for approval through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to adopt a child who does not reside in the US. I have had the required papers ready for weeks. I had my (quite large!!) check written, my passports and marriage license copied, and the LONG form filled out. So after Fed EX delivered this morning, I was out of my house within 15 minutes driving to, where else, but Fed Ex! Yup, we drove to Fed Ex to ship our USCIS application to Texas!


So happy to be at Fed Ex!

I must have been a little excited on our way out of the house to head to Fed Ex. Because although Anastasia had somewhat of an idea of what this paperwork was for, and Danika was happily just going along with my excitement knowing it was once again a baby step closer to Baby China, Callum suddenly was yelling over and over again that we were going to pick up Baby China. He would point to buildings and ask me if that was where Baby China was. Oh boy, when Callum FINALLY realizes that this BABY CHINA is a real live kiddo, he is going to be in for one heck of a surprise!


We had to stop for a little treat!

The process is long. The papers seem endless. The bank account is getting smaller.

There are highs and there are lows. The learning curve is steep. The waiting is easy and the waiting is hard.

But I believe that the waiting and the hold-ups are just part of Baby China’s fate. For once we finally lay eyes on our baby we will know that the timing was perfect. The timing was meant to be.

Our long awaited HOME STUDY!!!

So, now we HURRY UP and WAIT again! This process can take anywhere from one month to three months. So we go about our summer. We creep into back to school season and watch the leaves turn orange and red. And we wait for Fed Ex to deliver once again!







3 thoughts on “FedEx Delivered!

  1. That’s really unacceptable. I didn’t wait that long for LOA in either adoption! The hardest parts are those when you’re waiting on other people to do there job because there’s absolutely nothing you can do about.


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