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Ask and You Shall Receive

“Summer is here. I keep looking for a blog post,” said my Father-in-law approximately 24 hours ago. I looked at him with no answer other than “I have nothing to say”.

But I was wrong. That is just not true.

The kids are out of school.  Things have…dare I say it…quieted down in our house.  Summer vacation officially started for the kids last week.  My half-hour drive to and from my daughter’s middle school twice a day is on an “insanely appreciated”, albeit temporary hiatus. (Let me take this moment to show my ENORMOUS appreciation to my Mom and Mom-in-law who helped me out GREATLY with these school drives throughout the year!!!).

The homework has ceased. Lunch is no longer either a Sunday affair prepping for the week or a “SHOOT…I didn’t make the girl’s lunch, did you, MIKE? MIIIIKE????”.  We are on summer-schedule. Wake up, do chores, put on bathing suits and GO OUTSIDE. Stay there until dusk. iPods and TV will spend the next two months hibernating (well…..I suppose my nearly 12 year old’s may miss his cue for hibernation, but he will at least be napping every day for the summer!).

Yes she DOES have a donut float!

The kids ride their bikes, scooters, and other wheel-bearing toys that fill up our shed. They jump in and out of our “pathetically small-but-best-150-dollars-we-ever-spent” seasonal pool and “best-gift-ever” water slide from Auntie, about 1247 times a day.  The hose is turned on, then off, then on, then off. We don’t have prepared lunches, but hungry active kids means we are in and out of the house a LOT.  The fridge is full of quick meals and snacks.  Ice pops and frozen fruit are waiting. Mom is telling the kids to shut the door every 3 minutes because “THE AC IS ON!”

A wheel-bearing shed-consuming big-kid trike thingy and ICE CREAM!

Even as I write this, one kid is gloriously napping, one is swimming at her friend’s two houses down, one is in her bathing suit, eating chocolate, Barbies in a pile by her side. And Mike is spending the ENTIRE afternoon cleaning his camper for our annual trip to MAINE (Why have I never seen him clean my house so thoroughly???? WHY???)

She is gonna be so sparkling clean!


Our home study approval has been held up.  We have no explanation other than “we got a lot of home studies to approve at the same time yours was submitted and we apologize for the delay”. We are at week 5 waiting for this.  And, if you remember, we can not do anything more until this is approved.  I am frustrated in waves, distracted by my family and summer, and becoming more patient by the day! With my Dad’s not-so-patient genes, this process is gonna make many people who know me well wonder who the heck I am!!! I am becoming the best WAITer on the east coast!

My days are not currently packed with files, folders, papers, emails, signatures, phone calls, and adoption-related errands.  Mike and I have not had to hold or Sunday adoption meetings for weeks now.  I have actually gone weeks without even looking in my adoption binder.

But adoption fills our mind and our heart constantly just the same. “Baby China” is talked about by all three kiddos daily. This is not an obsession. My life goes on as normal. And we enter each day with peace and gratitude in all we have.  I relish in the stress-free, energetic (wellllll….most days at least), well rested, healthy way my body has thanked me for making a decision we are so at-peace with.  But knowing where this amazing adoption journey is taking us (and I am not talking about the 13 hour flight across the country…that is for a whole other blog entry….eeeeeeek!) is with us invariably.

So, thanks for the push, FIL! I may not have a lot to update, but it doesn’t mean our journey is quiet. Ask, and you shall receive! XOXO

Strawberry season is here, too!




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