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My Lucky Elephant

Throughout recent times as we have struggled to build our family, soul-searched for the best path for us, and navigated the unknowns and possibilities I have found myself smiling at tiny signs of hope.  Not everyday would these signs be meaningful to me, in fact, I am not an easy believer! But I often found myself smiling when I randomly came across an elephant in some manner.  Some believe elephants are good luck, and although I am not willing to say I believed that, I was certainly interested in a bit of good luck coming my way.  So even if these mammals known for their strong family bonds did nothing more than make me smile, I gladly took these happy moments!

A little elephant that made his way into our home on Christmas 2015

Well, wouldn’t you know, CHINA LITTLE sent me a little surprise this morning, on Mother’s Day 2016!




I would have to say, this little one has a pretty great DADDY, too! 😉

I know I haven’t met you yet But I know that I am loved

You opened up your unfilled heart To provide me with a home

I know that you may worry Because that’s what mothers do

About the things that haven’t happened Until I am with you

I may have scars and a broken heart But I know that you will fix them

Because as my Mom you will never give up Providing your selfless and unconditional love

You may not know where I am from But to you it will not matter

Because the empty place that is in your heart Is what I will fill forever

For a mother is not just from whom I was born It is the woman who makes my heart feel at home

The day will come when I am in your arms And the worlds that were apart now become one 

I know I haven’t met you yet But I am waiting for the day

When I can call you Mom For all my life long days

Happy Mother’s Day!




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