The Beginning Of A New Day

I have been pretty positive here, on this crazy little BLOGGING journey I decided to venture on. In fact, I have been rid of A LOT of negativity for a very long time. But, my word, yesterday sure did put me to the test.  Ya…I pretty much lost it.

Ya know those “DAYS”? We all know “bad days” are a part of life.  It’s not all sugar and spice, of course. But when those days hit…they really can pull you in, get you down, push your limits.

As I think back to yesterday now, I suppose it is a bit humorous. But you would have been crazy if you thought I would have laughed yesterday! By the end of the day I was begging for a “SIGN”.  Something that would give me encouragement, motivation. Something to remind me what this is all about and that we can make it to the finish line. You know…anything…a butterfly, a rainbow in the sky. For crying out loud yesterday I would have settled for a lone piece of glitter from Danika’s fairy garden resting in an unexpected spot.

It wasn’t so bad at first, dropped Ana off at school, made our monthly Trader Joe’s trip and headed to meet Mike at the bank to get a stack of papers notarized.  We are lucky to have Mike’s work offer notarization. I am not so sure Mike’s co-worker is so lucky to be the one to deal with our stacks of documents, of course. But after an hour of copying, signing, typing, stamping, we were all set.

Now remember, I have lists. I have files and organizers.  I paperclip and post-it-note reminders. Highlighters are my best friend. So I knew what needed to be done next. I had to bring these papers to the State Office and get them certified.

Organizing my organizing. Note the GOLDEN SEAL! That is CERTIFICATION!

This started out lovely. The worker was pleasant and knew exactly what we needed. He said I could come back at noon to get my papers! And, as eager as I was to get them, I asked if the next morning was ok to pick up.  He preferred me to get them that day, so although this meant a day of NO-NAP-CALLUM, I obliged. No big deal and I would have my first batch of papers certified!

So we killed time. We got lunch at home, unpacked our Trader Joe’s groceries and even squeezed in a quick trip to the local shop for some essential oils and bug spray!

As we head back to the state office to get my precious documents, Cal thinks its a good idea to PUKE all over the car.  Puke and me don’t go very well together. In fact, I am fairly certain I have a full out phobia of puke. I pull over and do the very best I can to clean him and the car using napkins, baby wipes and empty grocery bags. I am a planner so I have a change of pants.  Cal is disgusting. But we HAVE to venture on. I need those papers; that MAN is waiting for me.

So we make it to the office, Cal in striped pajama pants two sizes too small, smelling of vomit cologne. He has no coat on a 40 degree rainy day and no shoes.  He is telling me he is freezing as I run through the rain and into the office. Oooops, I forgot to put a quarter in the downtown meter.  Better hope for the best, cuz I’m not running back to the car.

My papers are ready. I grab and go. Back into the oh-so-disgusting car. And we go home.  The next several hours are spent cleaning. Cleaning Cal, me, the car, the carseat (you do know how many crevices a carseat has, right?). Cal seems to be fine, asking for candy and running around like his crazy self.

UPS rings the bell. Its a delivery of an order I placed online accidentally (DON’T ASK how one does this…but last week I managed to hit “place order” when I meant to just window shop…and I even managed to include upgraded shipping at $17). I had called 57 seconds after placing the order and was told it was likely too late and the order was already being shipped (I proceeded to tell her how impressed I am that the company ships items that quickly!). Well UPS was happily delivering my unwanted, expensive, fast as a lightening package to me. So, I stop cleaning to happily accept this unwanted package and place it in my pile of “things to do”…AKA return it all.


Later on, I figure it would be a good idea to actually look at my golden documents that are now notarized, certified and ready to send off for authentication. How excited was I when I realized my organized-self managed to certify two documents that DID NOT need certification…AND…forgot to certify THREE documents that did need it.  This sent me off the deep end. I was literally in tears at the $12 I spent on the two mistakenly certified documents.  TWELVE DOLLARS!!! Mind you, I spent more on upgraded shipping for my window shopping experience last week! But last night, I was mad, I was upset, I was devastated  and disappointed. Mike could not reason with me (poor poor Mike).  There was no hope.


I could add all the minor additions of my lovely day yesterday, but I am pretty sure I have vented enough. In the end, I went to bed wishing for a boost. Needing encouragement to get my momentum going again. A way to encourage me to trek back to the STATE OFFICE (hopefully barf-free) to certify those three pages I had forgotten.

I went to bed, begged Mike to let me sleep-in (it felt pretty good to sleep until 6:30 this morning!!!) and woke up to a new day.

And within the first hour being awake, I involuntarily stumbled across this…maybe…just maybe this was all I needed.

“This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind…let it be something good.


Today is a new day.

I have a clean car.

I removed the certification page from the documents that do not need it.

I have organized my organized piles.

The three documents I missed are paper-cliped with a post-it note saying “TO BE CERTIFIED”.

Callum has, so far, not puked.

The package of unwanted goods are in the car and ready to be returned.

The sun is out.

And our China LITTLE is still counting on me. Counting on us.

Today is a new day! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!





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