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Our Tiny House

One of the most common questions we are asked, since sharing our plans to adopt, is “Are you buying a bigger house?”

Now, this is a VERY valid question! Especially when you consider that we live in a 1200 square foot ranch. We have three bedrooms and ONE BATHROOM!

But, “no” we are not moving, at least not anytime in the near future.

Are we nuts???!!!  Possibly! (There are a lot of arguments one could make for that case!)

Could we use more space? Sure could! (Particularly after 5pm when I would love to hide but there is literally NOWHERE to hide.)

Don’t we NEED another bathroom???  Absolutely!  (This could possibly have made it into my post Mysteries of the Fitz House , but when you consider that we have FIVE humans in our house and ONE bathroom, it really is no mystery why we need another bathroom, is it?)

But for the time being, we are staying put in our “TINY HOUSE”. I mean anyone who watches HGTV knows that the TINY HOUSE craze is big these days.  It seems everyone is trading in their large comfortable homes for these teeny tiny boxes of space. So, we figured we should get on that bandwagon, too!

Okay, so maybe our house isn’t truly a TINY HOUSE. In fact, we likely have over a thousand  square feet more than these TINY HOUSE owners. But the truth is, we have a small home and a large family. And in about a year or so, we will add one more toddling body inside these walls. So, how do we manage? Why aren’t we anxious to move? Well…

  1. It is a lot quicker to clean a small home and one bathroom.
  2. You don’t want to see the storage in our basement, trust me, but the idea of packing that is enough to make me go off the deep end.
  3. We all have really good bladder control and have entertaining, Americon-Idol-Worthy pee pee dances daily.

Okay, let me answer your question honestly. We are planning on staying put in our home for now because now is just not the right time for us to move. We really do like our house, all 1200 square feet of it! And we have made the decision to grow our family through adoption as a priority over expanding or buying a home at this time.

We have a cozy finished basement to retreat to, or send the kids to when we need a retreat…(not as easy as it sounds.) We live in a lovely neighborhood that the kids can play in, ride their bikes through, and go for walks with very little worry. We have friendly neighbors and our family is really close by. Our backyard is a place we enjoy tremendously and we have worked for years to make it our own with gardens, toys and lovely places to have morning coffee and evening family dinners.

Yes, there are many days that I long for a larger home. A gorgeous kitchen. A master bathroom. I would be lying if I said that I never think about having more bedrooms. Brand new appliances. A larger piece of land. Having no home improvement projects sounds lovely, of course.

But for now, we embrace our small home. And we will continue to fill it, yes, soon with another tiny Fitz, but also with love, laughter, fun and memories.  And although at times we feel like we are out of space, our home always has room for more.


A special gift we got years ago that says it perfectly

Our home is small and it is FULL, but it is full of LOVE, not of people!

(Okay its full of people, too!).

(And, yes, the addition of a second bathroom is planned for the…hopefully… near future!!!)


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