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The Beauty of New England and the Beast

Spring is officially here in New England! Can’t you tell? We woke up to the warmth of our pellet stove, dressed in layers, pulled out the boots and hats, pressed the button on the remote car starter,  cleaned the car windows, and trudged through the freshly fallen snow in an attempt to make it through yet another Monday morning. SPRING HAS ARRIVED!

Welcome Spring!

This isn’t me complaining, really, it’s not! I just find humor in the ironic way the fluffy white stuff decided to make another appearance on the first full day of spring. Trust me, living in Massachusetts for…well…EVER…leads me to no surprises when it comes to the outdoors, seasons, and precipitation.  And this winter has been a breeze! I think I remember it was pretty much 70 degrees on Christmas!

But Ana and I couldn’t help but talk about the difference between the scenery last week and this morning as we drove our daily serene, relaxing and anticipated 30 minute drive out to her school.  OKAY, OKAY!!! So sure, the drive isn’t serene, relaxing and anticipated EVERY SINGLE DAY! Particularly on the days that my coffee is cold and my tween is not making me feel well-liked. BUT…most mornings, we drive out to her school, barely a stop-light to pass, glaring at the mountain range, fields and farmland. We embrace the changing seasons as we watch the land go from lush and green filled with crops to feed plenty then to remarkable shades of red, orange and yellow. Then we settle in for the bare brown landmarks as we sit and wait for winter to exit. We often talk during these morning rides, not just about the beautiful scenery we are given on the trip, but about life, school, friends, food, ideas and fun! I will forever embrace these morning rides with my tween who is maturing faster than my toddler can slide down a set of stairs!!!!

The ride home may or may not be a different story. Now, I am not saying the ride home is BAD, per se. But, without getting into details, let me just say…I have no coffee (or wine for they matter), people may be HANGRY, homework is on the brain, and the witching hour is in full force.

But less than 2 weeks ago, on  a  very very extremely rare not entirely common lovely, quiet and peaceful drive home, we stopped on one of the fields near Ana’s school.  It was still brown and scarce on this field. But the skies were blue and the breeze was warm. We stopped and we captured wonderful memories. We captured happiness and we captured a glimpse onto our future. The same field, today covered in a layer of white and cold, we wrote just one more excerpt in our Fitzgerald story.

“Callum”…”Callum”…”get back here!”

Today I share some of the fun times we had that afternoon, just the five of us, photographing our family’s adoption announcement.

Yes, Danika is in a skirt and heels, I mean what else would she wear? And yes, she is running like a boss in the heels!

Two gorgeous smiles!

We let the balloons go before we left and hoped they would float off to China! HA! They must be there by now, right!?

Let’s not forget Mike, the master behind the camera timer button. Although Mr. Tripod earned his keep, too. And, of course, Liwei was with us! He even had a turn of his own behind the camera.

Liwei, smiling big!

Now, let me go enjoy spring!  For as I write this mid-day, just hours after the last spring snowflake fell this morning, the snow has melted, the ground is dry, the pansies are showing their blossoms again. The BEAUTY and the BEAST of New England all in one day!


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