See The Beauty

I have been been outside with the kids more this week then I have all winter long. That is what happens during Massachusetts’ winters. We bunker down in the house, near the pellet stove and wait for spring! Well, March is here. Spring is coming! We aren’t out of the woods yet, not a chance! For all we know Mama Nature could have a doozy of a blizzard in store. But for now, we are relishing in the warmth, the smells of nature, the children being let loose in the yard!


I love my first walk in the yard after a long, freezing winter. I have no idea what I am looking for…I mean it’s not like I am bound to find hidden treasures back there, am I? Old sidewalk chalk and broken toys that lost the battle of freezing temps, sure! But even finding the first sprouts of growth makes me happy! Garden season is in eye sight. Okay…not close eyesight yet, I mean Home Depot’s outdoor garden shelves are still bare!  But if i squint…I can see it!

I walked past one of my bare, dirty gardens and stopped to admire some of our rocks! To some, these are just rocks, a part of nature usually kicked out of the way. But to our family they have a story. Every one.  Many are smuggled home from our annual camping trip to Maine. Some are found while the kids are digging in the yard or while on a walk in our neighborhood or a local park.  They are all colors and sizes. And they just make us happy.

So as I stopped and looked at this pile of rocks, on this very late winter day in March, I don’t see green growth, I don’t see colorful flowers and lush garden. But I see beauty! I see this particular pile of rocks that we chose for their scarce resemblance of a delicate heart. I see memories and I see love.

I would be fibbing if I said that I can always see the beauty in everything. Okay okay…the truth is I am a pessimist by nature! But as inevitable as passing time, I grow. I learn that there is beauty to be found in the most unexplained places.  Just look at my rocks, my pile of bland, lusterless rocks nestled in a bed of dirt.


I can see the beauty in these rocks today.

And I, over the past decade, have begun to see the beauty in many things. Some days beauty is easily found, and others it is hidden deep. But I have to believe that the beauty is still there, even when hidden so very far away.

For without the difficult, the trying times, the bad and awful…I would not be where I am today. I would not have what I have today.

So there must be beauty in even those moments.




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