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“Dunkin’ Donuts Sunday” has a new addition!

My “middle” LITTLE, Danika LOVES donuts! SO much so that she has an entire wardrobe of “donut” clothes, hoards seemingly a million “donut” trinkets and even has been known to be called “DONIKA”, in the most loving way possible!

Danika enjoying her favorite!

So, about a year ago, our family started what we call “Dunkin Donuts Sunday”! Every Sunday we get donuts. Mostly for her since my biggest LITTLE and I have Celiac Disease and can’t eat regular donuts! Although LITTLE Callum is learning to love these sweet treats very quickly!

We don’t always go to Dunkin Donuts! But often we do! We walk there in the warm weather. Mike and I get coffee, Anastasia gets a drink. ย Danika puts on her donut clothes! ย Would you believe I even scored a pair of hideous donut leggings on clearance at Kohl’s long ago? They are lovely! In fact, I am wearing them right now, on this “Dunkin Donuts Sunday”! If we don’t go to Dunkin, we have donuts at home or go someplace else for Danika’s Sunday donut!

Here are my donut leggings!

Well, since starting the adoption process, and quickly being buried in the downpour of paperwork, we were looking for the best way to keep organized and stay on track. Mike suggested that we have a weekly meeting. So, our weekly “adoption meeting” was created! And, of course, it is on “Dunkin Donuts Sunday”! Now, every Sunday, along with finding Danika the perfect way to feed into her donut obsession, Mike and I head to a quiet space (okay…there IS NO QUIET SPACE in the Fitzgerald home…we head to a space, that’s all…any space we can find) and we get out our binders, papers, computer, and more. We organize ourselves. We create a task list for the week. We print documents, shoo away loud kids and send emails. We bribe the children, file papers, fill out forms and referee fighting siblings.


This morning’s meeting space! Mike is working hard, huh?

And you know what? I am beginning to enjoy these meetings. I feel as though I have accomplished something after we meet. Mike has his to do list, which he needs (insert his eye roll here!). And we are one tiny, itty, bitty, step closer to our kiddo in China!

One step closer to getting “our child” his first DONUT on “Dunkin Donuts Sunday!



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