A New Ride (in more ways than one!)

The Fitzgerald’s are on a new ride!  Yes, we have BIG, EXCITING news. And with that news comes a world so crazily new and foreign to us that we are finding ourselves on many new rides at this exact moment!

You see, we have recently dove heart first into an ADOPTION JOURNEY!  That is right! The Fitzgerald’s are adopting. Continue to visit us here and I will add lots of news, updates, thoughts and more about this adventure!

But, anyone that knows me personally, knows well that I am not one to, how to I say this, “put myself out there”.  I am not a sharer by nature.  I kind of keep my problems to myself, avoid lots of attention directed at me. You know, bottle it all up, hesitate to ask for help, and focus on others most of the time.  So a BLOG!!!???  Consider starting an ADOPTION BLOG!!!???  Ummmm…no thanks.

But then I began to learn more and more about the adoption community.  I began to realize how important having a support system is.  We slowly began to share our huge news to close family and a few friends.  And I realized that people are excited! People are curious and have lots of questions.  People want to know about our journey. I am new to adoption.  In the grand scheme I know so very little.  But it is through places like this that I have already learned so much!

So, here I am writing my first BLOG post on a dreary late winter day in March, barely a month since we “officially” started this adventure.

Here is my “space”! I often sew or craft here, but today I BLOG!

Bare with me as I tip toe around this unfamiliar territory of BLOGGING. Forgive me as I take my time finding comfort and ease in sharing so much about myself. And join me with patience. For we are on a ride to “FILL OUR HEARTS” and I would love for you to hear our story!

Heart Jars1c


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