PINK and RED and GLITTER all over

I have always loved Valentine’s Day.  I can’t quite explain why. Mike and I don’t make reservations at a fancy restaurant.  We don’t buy expensive gifts for each other.  But I have always loved the HAPPINESS that surrounds this day. I look forward to the pink and red colors everywhere.  We decorate the house with… Continue reading PINK and RED and GLITTER all over


zài jiàn 再见 2016…it has been a delight

When I entered 2016 back in January,  I was determined to make this year GREAT.  We did not know we were adopting on January 1, 2016. In fact, only 10 days prior to the new year we had met with a local domestic adoption agency and had left there quite discouraged. We entered 2016 unsure… Continue reading zài jiàn 再见 2016…it has been a delight

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World Adoption Day

Tomorrow, November 15, 2016,  is WORLD ADOPTION DAY. A day to celebrate family. A day to spread awareness about adoption. In past, WORLD ADOPTION DAY has been celebrated on November 9th.  This year the decision was made to move it by a week in order to let November 9th relish in all the emotions of… Continue reading World Adoption Day